Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kalij Pheasant



  1. Is it in the wild Kelsey? Are they both roosters in the pic with 2? - Gorette

  2. Hi Gorette!

    Yes, they are both roosters. The hens are brown, similar to a chicken. Interestingly, they hatch out at a rate of 85% males for some reason.
    And yes, they're wild! But they seem to be one of the most numerous birds in this area, and they aren't very afraid of people. I'll often see 20 (mostly roosters!) in a day around the farm - and when driving they are constantly running out in front of the car.
    I think they are beautiful, but like most birds in Hawaii they are not native. Kalij roosters can be really aggressive and they've chased all the ringnecks off the farm.