Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back in the Saddle!

It's been far too long since I last rode a horse. Except once or twice this winter and a couple times in the fall and spring when I was home, I have been a sorry, horse deprived person.

But today I took the first of what I hope will become weekly riding lessons, at The Southlands Foundation. Just fifteen minutes from school, this impressive facility (200 acres! heated indoor arena! miles of riding trails!) houses over 60 horses and teaches lessons to many, including the Vassar Equestrian team.

My classmate and friend, Sarah, aspires to be a jockey (in the off chance that cooking doesn't work out...), but had never ridden a horse until today. In just 30 minutes, she went from being led awkwardly at a walk, to trotting and posting on the lunge line. Very impressive! I walked, trotted and cantered, but I'm definitely not used to it - sore butt tomorrow, for sure!

Our horse was Russell, a sweet old Paint. A little sluggish (no different than what I'm used to, considering Cheerio!) but perfectly behaved. Actually, I really like lazy horses - they're much less stressful to ride.

Today was the final day for front-of-house in Banquets. It was a great last day - I felt very confident talking to my tables, and didn't do anything foolish or embarrass myself. Don't tell anyone, but I even had to turn down a couple tip offers! And I didn't drop any plates or glasses the whole time! The class's total plate count for these seven days was probably around 30, give or take a dozen.

Next? The Banquets kitchen. We'll be cooking for 120. Wish us luck...

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