Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Manure Patrol

We have a lot of chickens. Too many to count. But they are all bantams (miniatures) and they live in the chicken house, because my sister raises and breeds them for show. They're too special to risk losing outside.
But chickens do a wonderful job on cow pies. After the manure ages for a week or so, the chickens come through and scatter it across the pasture, fertilizing the grass and making the fields a more pleasant sight. We already had a chicken box in the cow pasture, but it's been empty for a few years. So I picked up five new birds this week - the new cow pie patrol.

They don't have names yet, unfortunately. I'm thinking hard!

The rooster, a light brown Leghorn.

One of the three Leghorn hens.

And the Modern Game hen.

They are still adjusting to their new home, so I'm going to wait another week before letting them out. And then, cow pies, watch out!

Lucky birds have waterfront property!

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  1. Watch out for rising tides, Kelsey -- and tsunami's in that water in front of those chickens!