Monday, March 26, 2012

More babies!

The baby count as of right now? 25!
First, Buckshot had triplets (2 boys, 1 girl) right around noon today. We had just finished taking care of her and the babies and I finally was sitting down to eat lunch when Jimmy yelled out "Bandit has triplets!". Huh? Truffles and Celeste were in the barn being monitored, but Bandit wasn't due for a couple days and was still out in the other pasture. At this point we thought it was a joke because babies have been popping out left and right and the last thing we wanted was a doe kidding out in the shed while the rain was blowing sideways. But there she was with three dry babies, one already standing. We dragged her through the rain up to the barn and bundled the babies in towels and fed them bottles of Bandit's milk. The girl is a puny little thing - only half the size of the other two.

Tonight I'll be hand-milking six does (all the does are milked by hand for the first 4 days after kidding) and bottle-feeding 25 baby goats. Maybe even more if Celeste has hers this evening!

Why are all the pretty ones boys?

Batman! Jazz's baby boy.

If only he stayed this small, he'd be guaranteed a seat on the plane in May!

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