Friday, May 11, 2012

Hawaiian Hawks

There are very few native birds left in Hawaii anymore (at least on this island) - mainly due to the introduction of more aggressive birds species, mongoose, dogs, and cats, as well as loss of habitat.  
Lucky for us though, the farm is home to a pair of Hawaiian hawks, an endangered species that only breeds on this island.  Their numbers are estimated at 2000-3000.   
This pair has nested in one of the mac nut trees every spring for several years; they raise one chick per year.  There are two color phases - you can see both in the photos.
But the most noticeable feature is the sounds they make - I think they sound like eagles on helium! 

 (gnawing on a turkey leg)

 (remains of Mrs. Turkey in the background)

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  1. Kelsey
    Wow! I love reading your posts. Goat cheese and hunting are 2 things most Hu kiddos are intigued by. They will be excited to take a look tomorrow at what I found "checking in" on you tonight. Yvie turns 4 tomorrow. Hu kids had fun competing with your mom at the Shaggy show on Saturday. :) -Gorette