Friday, May 11, 2012

The Newest Cheese

I've been having a lot of fun in the cheese making room lately - at 55 gallons per day, there's finally enough milk for experimentation.  Dick and I decided that I should attempt to create a mold-ripened goat cheese, maybe a camembert or a French-style goat cheese.  Mauna Kea Mist was my happy first experiment - a chevre pyramid bloomed with Penicillium and Geotricum molds, aged just 10 days.
I was shocked at how they turned out!  Pretty close to perfect - dense and creamy in the middle, a bit gooey under the rind, tangy and mushroomy and a bit spicy - I hope all my "experiments" turn out this good!

The curd was scooped into pyramid molds, then drained overnight.

 The pyramids were salted, then transferred to the aging fridge.

Less than a week later, the cheeses began to "bloom".

And after 10 days of aging, we broke into the first one.

Wish you could taste it!

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