Tuesday, July 27, 2010


More chanterelles!!!

They're so young and perfect; not waterlogged like they will be later in the fall. Less water means less moisture/sogginess when you cook them - and more flavor.

And yes, I did sear that piece of halibut for dinner. We had some buttered zucchini "spaghetti" on the side, then the caramelized chanterelles (with a touch of garlic, white wine, lemon juice, and a healthy dose of butter) strewn over all. Mmm. I'd better go 'shrooming tomorrow...


  1. Wilson and I LOVE chanterelles. Where did you find them? Like you are going to tell me. Wow! Now WOULD be the time to hunt. Who else is going to go out looking before Sept? Well , most of Vashon must keep up with your blog, so then again...Good to see you yesterday. I will be by with the little something we have for you, but likely very briefly.

  2. Kelsey! I am so jealous that you had such an exorbitant pile of chanterelles! I am also a little sad that you have not posted anything new in a long time, since you do not have a Facebook, this is how I stalk your life! In this regard PLEASE update soon!! I love knowing what new adventures you go on!!

    <3 miss you girl!!