Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Preparations for my new cow are well underway. I spent a large portion of the day clearing out all the junk that had accumulated in the milk room over the past two years and pressure-washing the stall and milk room.
And just in case I have trouble milking 10 gallons of milk per day by hand, I pulled out the milk machine (not touched in six years), took everything apart, scrubbed and sanitized it, and reassembled it with all new tubing and inflations. I just hope I don't need it!

And I also made a small batch of oatmeal, milk, and honey soap (with vanilla and cinnamon). It's been a while since I last made any, so I accidentally added the lye too fast and the milk immediately curdled and burned. Yuck. The second try turned out a little better! These bars should be ready in four weeks. I plan on making a lot of milk soap in the coming weeks and selling it. If you're interested, just email me!

My mom and I have been riding a lot in preparation for a 12.5 mile competitive trail ride on Saturday. Yesterday we rode through the trails and on the roads to the beach - 10 miles. The sun came out as we reached Tramp Harbor, and by the time we were galloping down the beach it started to get fairly warm. So it was quite refreshing when we turned around, and started riding in the water. The horses went in almost to their bellies, and we could watch the fish swim and crabs scuttle around. A couple times I had to steer Cheerio out of the path of a jellyfish. What a great time!

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