Monday, July 12, 2010

Got One!

I found a cow!
We'll be picking her up next Monday.
She is a registered Jersey, not even 5 years old yet. She calved in March, and is pregnant with another calf due February.
She's sweet and very friendly, doesn't kick and doesn't mind being milked by hand.
I just hope my hands don't fall off the first week she's here! It's been two years since I last milked a cow. Or worse - we drown in a flood of milk. She's giving a lot of milk - more than I ever dealt with before - on the scale of 10 gallons per day. But hey - more milk equals more cheese!

She needs a name. Any suggestions?

1 comment:

  1. How about Prissey? She looks happy to see you in the first picture until she notices the camera. Then she turns and heads to the barn, her ears are back showing her displeasure and I can imagine her say, " What are you THINKING! silly human , my hair's a mess and I haven't done my face yet and YOU want to take pictures!"
    She is beautiful, and what a lovely bag! I'm so happy for you. Kristy