Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ah! Warm at last!

...Warm enough to wear short sleeves, for the snowdrops to bloom, to smell summer on the air, to realize that graduation is just over three months away...

It's in the mid-50's today (apparently it was yesterday as well, but I was holed up in my room with a cold). I went for a nice long hike in the woods and picked some chickweed, watched the birds and chipmunks, and accidentally startled some pregnant does.

Earlier we drove out to Quattro's and bought four pounds of bacon, tomato and basil pork sausages, and pheasant summer sausage.

With dinner tonight I made a nice salad of the chickweed dressed with olive oil and sliced sauteed baby ramps. So simple, but the first handpicked salad of spring is a truly wonderful thing.

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