Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mmmm... Butter

It's not often that the butter served at a table overshadows the bread. But St. Andy's brings out a little three-compartment dish to go with the warm cheese biscuits, featuring Ronnybrook Farms butter - plain and herbed - and some type of compote or chutney (last week it was apple; today a pepperonata of sorts). My favorite butter-eating game is to see how little bread is required to consume the allotted amount of butter. But when the waitstaff is eager to bring more butter, at what point do you stop? Today, it was six, mostly shared by Natalie and me. That's five more than most tables ever eat. And I only ate three-quarters of one biscuit. The remainder was slathered on my fish and eaten with a spoon, my idea of dessert. Yeah, I'm crazy.

Today Sarah and I each had another riding lesson. I worked on trotting variations and some cantering. It's definitely been too long, according to my legs!

Here's a must-read from the NYT today: Hip Hop Cuisine.

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  1. Funny punchline to that article! LPK