Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring!!!

That's right! It's March 20, the first day of spring. The sun was out, the temperature managed to climb into the realm of the 70's, and the world is a happier place - well, at least New York is!

I soaked up all the sun I could while it lasted, by leaving my room at 12:15 and not returning until past 6:30. I walked barefoot to the FDR estate and did some homework (Wines homework/studying is unavoidable...), had a solo picnic (a seriously underrated activity, I must say. There is nothing quite like hiking out to some obscure grassy field with a hunk of good cheese and some fruit and savoring the sun and the peace of the outdoors), picked the first real ramps(!) and some more chickweed, and walked back. Of course I was just minutes from returning to campus when I ran into my friends who were headed to the fort, so I walked back out with them. The fort is absolutely perfect for vegging out in when it's as warm as today. The logs shield most, but not all, of the sun and a warm breeze wafts up from the side of the cliff. We constructed some pretty sweet "bone-mobiles", like something you would hang up in a little kid's room, but with various deer vertabrae, ribs, a couple leg bones, the odd coccyx, you know - just an everyday college activity... Actually, I think if someone were ever to find enough bones it would make a great little business - the bones could be painted different colors, maybe with a few bells or beads for added interest. It's best to start those toddlers young with their anatomy lessons...

Natalie finally got off work at 7:30 so we decided to cook steak for dinner. Keith fried potatoes and onions in duck fat while I seared the grassfed t-bone and porterhouse in more ducky goodness. We topped the steaks with a slice of butter apiece and a handful of wild greens. Mmm. The juice from the steak runs down to blend with the melting butter, the greens wilt under the heat of the steak, and it all makes for one hot-salty-buttery-meaty-bloody good mouthful. And even better, those leftovers mean only one thing... steak and eggs, baby!

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  1. I want that mouthful! Sounds yummy!