Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back to School ... and baking cookies!

Day 1 of Baking and Pastry

Not the most exciting of days, mostly owing to the fact that I'm still catching up from my flight here and I'm in a daze. I made carrot cake cookies with cream cheese frosting today in class. Just think! a college where we make cookies, eat cookies, bake bread, eat bread, brownies, and more cookies, all day, everyday! Being Day 1 we didn't cover a whole lot of information, but I look forward to learning more about breads in the coming classes.

After class (done for the day at 1:30 PM - how nice!), Natalie and some other friends and I drove out to our favorite New York farm for fresh raw milk. We've made it a habit to go every weekend now, but Sunday was just too far away. I bought a gallon, which will no doubt be gone by Saturday. I could live off the stuff - especially when it's as good as this farm's. Freshly milked from happy cows, 6% butterfat... yum!
By the time we got back on this side of the river, it was far too late to go to the natural foods store (for staples such as almond butter, butter, yogurt, cheese, and fruit).

Tomorrow's another day!

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