Monday, January 18, 2010

The Other Part of My Day

i.e. the part not spent procuring New York's finest dairy products - was devoted to making yummy graham cracker bars - a base of handmade graham cracker, then milk chocolate and peanut butter, all topped with marshmallow. I'll cut them into squares tomorrow after I brûlée the marshmallow, then enrobe them in dark chocolate. Mmm - a one-bite peanut butter s'more...

After class I went for a walk 'n run through the woods. It was a fine, clear day - sweatshirt weather. I managed to find some deer and watch them for a while before they ever noticed me (the wind shifted). I consider this a great accomplishment, because I usually only spot them once they start bounding away from me with their huge white tails flopping back and forth.

The miniature daffodils sitting next to my laptop - bought only two days ago - have grown two inches and are suddenly blossoming all over the place. Every time I stick my nose over there I think it's spring, and then I see the snowflakes and Christmas lights I (still) have strung around my desk, and I get really confused. Daffodils in January in New York? At least it's spring in my mind.

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