Monday, January 18, 2010

Please Read - Important...

Today, something very important happened.

I ate a piece of cheese that ranks in my Top 5 Cheeses, ever.

Imagine the best sheep milk cheese you have ever had - the kind that's well-aged, nutty, caramely and rich - such as Ossau-Iraty. This was a Manchego, however, which isn't usually known to be that good. But it was, and so much better even then. It could be attributed to Yuval Sterer's expert aging - he buys young, promising cheeses, then tends them for many years in his warehouse (he's got some nine year old Fiscalini Cheddar...).

Whatever it was, this was one heck of a cheese. And the rind had gone all soft and funky and amazingly tasted like black truffles. We could have sworn the cheese was aged on a bed of them.

Oh, and we also snatched up a whole (mid-size/2.2 pound) Brie - for $5. Cheese party tomorrow!

We made it out to the farm for our weekly dose of raw milk - 4.5 gallons for us, friends, and making cheese. They were out of eggs, though.

All in all, a great day, dairy-wise.
We'll be back, Mr. Sterer!

The Big Cheese
402 Main Street
Rosendale, NY 12472
(845) 658-7175

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