Monday, January 25, 2010


Well, tomorrow is the start of Cuisines of Europe and the Mediterranean. Like everyone at school, I will hereafter refer to it simply as "Meds" - which makes no sense to me but is a whole lot less of a mouthful.

I've had to do a daunting amount of studying and planning prior to Day 1, and I'm a little worried. I keep reminding myself that this isn't Meadowood, and take a deep breath and calm down. But the multitudes of prep lists, ingredient and equipment lists, timelines and study questions and station diagrams is enough to make me want to go back to Baking. Of course I always worry too much, and everything will be just fine. Although, maybe I shouldn't say that just yet...

In other news, Keith and James and I drove down to Rockland (almost New Jersey) to witness an amazing commercial bakery, one that simply hands you plastic gloves and a paper bag and sets you loose on the production floor to bag bagels right off the conveyor belts. I abstained - it's much too soon after Baking - but it was pretty tempting. I've never seen so many types of breads, so many carts and baskets of bagels and loaves and pastries, so cheap by the pound!

And then we went to an awesome kosher deli, where we all devoured hot corned beef and pastrami on rye with coleslaw and Russian dressing, and many dill pickles on the side. You can't beat that.

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  1. Oh my sad about the baking ending, but my, my I am getting hungry thinking about the hot corned beef sandwich. I envision those NYC delis that pile it up so high, that you take 1/2 of it home. It is something every good city should have, but sadly enough there is not enough of these places. :( Thanks for the reminder...