Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 2; Need Some Comfort Food

Nothing comforts like the bliss of a Townhouse cracker topped with chips of good cold butter. The cracker - crisp, buttery, and addictive; the even butterier butter - cold, slowly melting and salty. Comfort food at its most basic - at least to me. And I sure do need me some comfort food tonight!!

Class certainly wasn't worse than yesterday, but we still have a long way to go. Actually, Chef told us that among her past classes, ours showed the highest rate of improvement between Day 1 and 2. I'll take that as a compliment (they're sparse these days!), but I wonder how much worse our Day 1 was than all the others....

Once again I felt helpless, doing pitas all morning and not being able to assist Paul. But we almost were ready on time, which means we got to do a demo with Chef and have a fighting chance for a grade higher than an F. Plus, the kitchen stayed open the full half hour for service and all the food was really tasty.

I would say it can only keep getting better, but that's not true. Tonight I need to study for a quiz, research the dishes, revise my time lines and game plan, and miraculously get three times faster at everything I do - we have a monumental amount of prep tomorrow.

Pass the butter ... please!

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  1. Oh it does so sound like you need a good dose of comfort food after days like you have had...It does sound so wonderful, yet unbelievably challenging to go so fast. I admire your perseverance..Just hang in there! And stock up on that comfort food!