Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Snow and Ricotta

Well, not the most exciting day, but we did get some snow and sleet. And I had been hoping winter was over! Bummer.

Actually, the weather was bad enough that we couldn't make it out to the farm for fresh milk. We'll go tomorrow.

I did go for a walk in the snow, and saw the herd of 14 deer. They're a lively bunch.

In my fridge I had a gallon of raw milk that turned (someone hadn't properly washed the bottles). So, when life gives you sour milk - make ricotta! And it was delicious. I made ricotta gnudi for dinner - little pasta-less dumplings (hence the "gnudi" or "naked") of fresh ricotta and grated aged goat cheese, just barely held together with an egg or two and some gluten-free flour mix. We ate them with browned butter and sauteed dice of local butternut squash. I would have liked to serve it with currants and pinenuts (a la Lark), but a college budget doesn't really allow for $20 per pound nuts!

Sorry that's it for tonight. Back to the bakeshop tomorrow!

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