Thursday, January 21, 2010

Junebug the Filly

Sorry I'm not writing anything tonight. Our B&P final is tomorrow and it's somehow really late already.

But here is a video of our filly, Junebug, to tide you over.
My family just weaned her from her mom (Cheerio). She is in with a visiting friend (Lucy) and my Iris. Junebug is the little fuzzy one.


  1. Looks like wee Junebug is doing fine after all her ops.
    First saw her when she was a day old can’t wait to see her again

  2. I really loved the video with ole Junebug..I think Iris so wishes at times she was not born a cow...especially at that time..Junebug looked so light happy...Really like all this talk of food...I woke up salivating the other morning dreaming of those French croissants I had in Paris after reading your blog......Oh ymmm......